About AIDS

What will you do when your home is invaded by a would be thief?

What will you do when you or your family is accosted by a mugger on the street?

At Active Inception and Detainment Systems, we believe that it is your right and your duty to actively intercept bad actors in these and other situations.

Preserving Self Defense Skills

And so we are committed to preserving and transferring self defense skills. Everyone’s life is precious, but everyone’s life is also fragile. Throughout history, those who have been able to protect themselves from aggressors were those who were able to survive and thrive.

The Case of Switzerland

Consider the case of Switzerland. Everyone knows that the Swiss have remained neutral in the wars that surrounded them. But many other countries have tried to remain neutral and been run over by their more aggressive neighbors. What made Switzerland different is that each man in the country is required to have a gun and the training to use it. That defensive potential combined with the mountainous terrain has made Swiss neutrality a neutrality that can last.

Similarly, you should be able to protect your family from all aggressive threats.

By reading our Active Inception and Detainment Systems blog, our hope is that you will improve your knowledge and seek out the skills you will need for your self defense.